About Us

Being based in Namibia and thus being so close to the source has obviously lead us to a specialized knowledge and appreciation of Namibian minerals. We have made many excursions into the field and have visited all of the major mineral producing sites and it is our vision to create more awareness for the rich mineral diversity that is found in our country and sharing it with the world.

The collecting and trading of minerals has been a life-long passion for all of those that have been intensely involved in the mineral division of the House of Gems, as a small family owned business the passing of the torch has been a significant occasion to further the knowledge and exposure of Namibia and its mineral resources for future generations. Our reputation has been built up over the years as our lineage will attest to.

Some of the noteworthy mineral producing localities and minerals that are found in Namibia are:

  • Berg Aukas Mine – Descloizite, Smithsonite, Willemite
  • Brandberg – Amethyst, Topaz
  • Erongo Mountains – Aquamarine, Beryl, Ilmenite, Jeremejevite, Feldspar, Fluorite, Schorl, Topaz
  • Gamsberg Area – Amethyst, Epidote, Gwindel Quartz, Rutile, Scheelite, Titanite
  • Goboboseb Mountains - Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Scepter Quartz, Phantom Quartz
  • Goanikontes – Boltwoodite
  • Kaokoveld – Dioptase, Malachite, Shattuckite, Spessartine
  • Karibib & Usakos – Tourmaline & other pegmatite minerals
  • Okorusu Mine – Fluorite
  • Onganja (Emke) Mine – Cuprite, Malachite
  • Orange River – Hematoid Quartz, Scepter Quartz
  • Spitzkoppe Mountains – Beryl, Phenakite, Topaz
  • Tsumeb Mine – Adamite, Azurite, Cerussite, Dioptase, Mimetite, Smithsonite, Willemite, Wulfenite
  • Tubussis – Demantoid

We believe in building a long term relationship with our customers and as such numerous lasting friendships have been formed over the years. So, if you should ever find your way to Namibia do not hesitate to visit our gallery at the House of Gems, 131 Werner List Street in Windhoek and come by for a friendly chat and a cup of coffee.

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